We have access to UK as well as European market and we will always strive to generate excellent revenue streams available for your redundant or overstocked Technology.

Asset Recovery and Remarketing: What Does it Mean?

With growing trend of new technology and after your company has used a computer or other IT assets for its useful life the temptation is to recycle or dispose of them. The trouble is both of these options can be needlessly costly to your organisation. The costs to recycle or dispose of used electronic assets are both monetarily and environmentally wasteful. With asset recovery and remarketing, you are able to realise the full value of your IT equipment by selling these assets through established channels of buyers who are looking specifically for the types of equipment you may currently be putting to waste.

How Does Buyer Area Do it ?

We maximise the sales proceeds of your used IT assets by Remarket and selling through the deep and well-established channels we’ve worked hard to build through our reputation as a trusted vendor of quality, used equipment. In other words, people and organisations pay good value for used assets purchased from Buyer Area because we refurbish used equipment in ways that bring out its highest value. So when you sell your assets through our channels, you can be sure to receive the highest possible value in return.
So don’t just recycle or dispose of your IT assets; let us provide you with the service and experience you need to maximise the return on your IT revenue.